Upcoming Goldendoodle Litters

Goldendoodle Litters Announcement

We are currently filling our fall 2024 litters at this time. We always fill our litters in advance of their birth to make sure we have good solid homes waiting for them.

Woman with her goldendoodle

English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle

English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle

Upcoming 2024 Litters

Please see our upcoming 2024 litters below — as they are filling fast at this time.
All our Lil’ Dandie doodles are: $2250/500

F1B Standard Tuxedo Goldendoodles

Available Now

Dewmisti Teana x Dandie F1B standard Tuxedo English Cream Teddy Bears litter. Call us for details at 918-286-4925 or email: cooleyjana.rsu@outlook.com for our most current availability.

Miniature Goldendoodle

Miniature F1B Goldendoodle

Spring 2024 Whisper x Romeo F1B mini Goldendoodles.  They are due mid- April just in time for Easter!  Call us for details at 918-286-4925 or email: cooleyjana.rsu@outlook.com for our most current availability.

F1B Standard Goldendoodles

Spring 2024

Charlie x Dandie F1B standard red Goldendoodle litter. We are taking deposits now. For our most current availability call us for details at 918-286-4925 or email: cooleyjana.rsu@outlook.com.

One Of These Lil' Dandies Could Be Yours.
Please Call Us Today At (918)-286-4925 To Snatch Up One
Of These Amazing Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Dandies
before They Are All Gone!!

Goldendoodle Litter Combinations

Goldendoodle Dandies has to offer three Goldendoodle litter combinations this 2024, for both standard and miniature Goldendoodles.

We are currently taking deposits on all our 2024 litters.
We offer these three types of the highest quality doodles: They are without a doubt the “Finest in all the land! “. We breed for consistency in health, color and temperament so in choosing our last pic puppy is no different than choosing our first pic puppy.

F1B Standard English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.

They are $2250/500 deposit.

Dewmisti Teana x Dandie F1B Standard Tuxedo English Cream Teddy Bears.
Daughter of Lillianna x Ceasar.

F1B Standard Deep Red with abstract white Goldendoodles.

They are $2250/500 deposit.

Charlie x Dandie F1B Standard Deep Red Goldendoodles.

F1B Miniature Deep Red With Abstract White Goldendoodles.

They are $2250/500 deposit.

Dandies Charlize and/ or Dandies Whisper x Romeo for miniatures.

Please contact me directly for further details: Jana
Cooley. cooleyjana.rsu@outlook.com. Or landline at
Contact us today to get high up on our upcoming Litter lists.

To reserve your Lil' Dandie Doodle, Please submit a contact form or Call us at (918) 286-4925 Today!

Our litters expected due date timelines are based on our girls previous heat cycles. However due to mother nature some heat cycles can very up to 2 or 3 months.

About Lillianna x Ceasar

F1 Standard English Cream Teddy-Bear Doodles

Their litters entire pedigrees will be filled with many champions.

If you are looking for the “true” F1 English Cream “TEDDY-BEAR” Goldendoodles, then look no further!! Goldendoodle Dandies now has one of the most “sought after” doodles there are.

One of her F1 Standard English Cream Doodles with ceasar

English Cream Teddy Bears

English Cream Teddy Bears

They are

About Dewimisti Fendi

F1B Standard/ Miniature English Cream Solid and Abstract White and/or Tuxedo Doodles

The F1B is be the lowest shed, dander, and most allergy friendly doodle there
is. They will truly be the “cream de la cream!”

Cute Tuxedo Goldendoodle

F1B tuxedo goldendoodle

F1B tuxedo goldendoodle

They are

We are currently filling our next litter now. Please call us today at (918)-286-4925 to get high up on our litter list, as puppies are chosen in the order of the deposits received. Space fills quickly.

Express Your Interest in Our Litters Today

If you are interested in this litter please fill submit an “Litter Interest” for indicating which litter you are interested in and your preference for male and/or female.

We plan our litters and space fills quickly. We offer a 1 year health guarantee on all our doodle puppies. They are sold as PETS ONLY. Remember… our puppies are like Easter Eggs….. They get snatched up fast! Call us today at 918-286-4925, to get yours before they are all gone!
  • By submitting this form you agree to all the terms and conditions of our puppy contract and spay/ neuter agreements.
  • Contract and Spay/Neuter Agreement is required.


The Spay/ Neuter- must be done within ONE year of the puppies birth.  Hard copy documentation must be provided to Goldendoodle Dandies within one year– or upon request— verifying the procedure has been done.