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One Of The Best Golden Doodle Breeders In Oklahoma

We are a small family ran “hobby breeder” that is rapidly becoming one of the best known international champion pedigreed english cream Teddy- Bear, Parti and F1 / F1b standard and miniature goldendoodle producers in Oklahoma. For us this is just a labor of love.

Proudly offering both AKC international champion pedigreed golden retrievers and AKC champion standard poodle bloodlines in our F1 and F1b Little Dandies. Now we have expanded to also include the highly desired parti and miniature doodles as well.

Goldendoodle with a Happy woman

Excellent Therapy Dog

Goldendoodle Dandies offers an excellent therapy dog prospect, family pet and/or companion in our amazing line of Goldendoodles.

Therapy dog/ REMI

The Goldendoodle Dandies Family

“Dogs are not our whole life…. But they make our lives whole…”

Our family has been involved with the raising and breeding of AKC registered puppies since before 2000, and have devoted ourselves to raising beautiful, intelligent, and healthy Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Goldendoodles.

We are what one would call a serious “HOBBY BREEDER.” We are totally devoted to the betterment of these three AMAZING breeds.  We are Goldendoodle Dandies located in Broken Arrow, OK and are not affiliated with any other breeders… any where.

Beware of kennels or so called “breeders,”  who set up multiple websites and/ or suggest that they use foster “guardian” homes, and then attempt to claim they can give “personal attention” to all of their 30+ dogs and litters. Trust me.. That is not possible.   That is just “artful deception.”

We are not in this for a profit but rather because it is a labor of love.  I spend a lot of time with my dogs and their socialization and skill set development are VERY important to me. Therefore, I plan to only have two F1b Standard / Miniature Goldendoodle litters, and two F1 Standard / Miniature English Cream doodle litters yearly.

That being said: My International Champion bred English Cream Golden Retrievers come from one of the best known kennels in the United States. Their bloodlines are highly sought after for their International Champion pedigrees and healthy genetics.

Our Dewmist Lillianna is an “Honored,” grand- daughter of Hungarian and Polish Champion– Dewmist Silkscreen…. He is a two time World Champion.

My Poodle pedigrees also originate from the Shangra La Poodles, and/or Kit Sue poodle bloodlines and are very well known for their red standard poodles and Parti- show poodles. Both breeders are highly recognized.

All my dogs are either OFA/ OFEL certified, or are directly sired by OFA/ OFEL certified dogs. They also carry the 5 main health certification and can be seen on their individual pages.

All of our Lil’ Dandie puppies come with age- appropriate shots, worming, flea and tick, and heart worm medications.  They also come with a 1 year health guarantee.

Members Brown Puppy

They also go home with a large sample of Purina Puppy Chow puppy food, and their health records.  We also provide a puppy toy that has the scent of the mother and siblings on it to help ease the adjustment from our home to yours.

It is CLEAR to see why we specialize in the most exciting new “designer” dog breed available today – the “first generation” Goldendoodle, the F1b Goldendoodle, and International Pedigreed English Cream White- Parti-Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.  It is simply because of the high demand placed on having a beautiful, genetically sound doodle, with such outstanding qualities that combining these two breeds’ can offer.”

“Taking the best attributes of both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle–combines a strong synergism that cannot be denied in the first generation Goldendoodle.”

Like the Standard Poodle~ Goldendoodles are such happy and joyful dogs. The first generation Standard Poodle/Goldendoodle– at maturity is to be a SMART as a 5 year old Child!!

Many will boast that they have proven to be an AMAZING family pet as well as the most popular “therapy dog,” out there today!
We just fell in love with the idea of having Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and MOST IMPORTANTLY—GOLDENDOODLES as a part of our family, and honestly believe you will too.

Lovely Goldendoodle puppy with red ribbons.

Expected litter due dates

Our litters expected due date timelines are based on our girls previous heat cycles. However due to mother nature some heat cycles can very up to 2 or 3 months.

We offer you an amazing family pet and forever friend–truly a “Companion with All the Right Stuff!!”

Due to Covid 19 virus — we are no longer shipping via Cargo.  However you are welcome to fly into the Tulsa Airport and we will meet you there.   You can then take your puppy home in a portable soft side crate under your seat.

Please Call us today at (918) 286-4925 to be added to our LIST

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