Owning A New Goldendoodle

There are many things to get ready in preparation for your new Goldendoodle puppy’s arrival in your home. Your puppy has had his/her own “quality time” alone with your breeders here at Goldendoodle Dandies; however most of his/her time has been spent with the litter. We suggest you provide your puppy with a stuffed toy to comfort him/her as your puppy begins to adjust to your life and home.

We try and send a toy from home, but at times the airlines removes it or do not allow us to ship one with the puppy. A radio softly playing, and an old T- shirt (that has been worn) put in the crate can also help to comfort the puppy. We use environmental CD’s that play classical music; so playing that often calms a puppy in their new home.

We hope you find the following tips helpful in preparing for your new arrival.

Goldendoodle Shelter


Always have shelter for your puppy if he/she is to be outside that it is shaded and cooled during the summer and to provide warmth during the winter months. We hope your Goldendoodle will be mostly an indoor dog with time spent outdoors, as they LOVE being with their family. However, they do love to be outdoors, especially in the water and mud.

Left alone they will become lonely and bored. This is when Goldendoodles start being mischievous, digging, chewing, and destroying things in order to get your attention. Goldendoodles are companion dogs and it doesn’t take much time to give them the attention they need, and you will be rewarded with a faithful companion.

NEVER put your puppy or dog on a chain and leave it. This is dangerous and cruel. I know of a family that used a chain instead of fixing their fence. The chain got tangled during their working hours and the dog could not reach his water bowl in the hot heat of the summer. They came home to a dead dog. I would never want this to happen to one of our dogs, your family pet or for you to experience this type of loss.

Inside and Outside Areas


1. If you have a fence – walk it and check to make sure that it does not have any gaps or holes where the puppy could crawl under.

2. Secure all doors and gates

3. If you have high decks – make sure the puppy cannot fall from the deck

4. Block stairs so the puppy cannot run up and down them until fully developed

5. Make sure that lawn care products are not toxic to puppy

6. Make sure cars do not have antifreeze leaking


1. Put cat litter box in an area that the puppy does have free access to.

2. Secure all cleaning products

3. Remove area rugs (during potty training)

4. Trash Cans are secure and out of reach of the puppy (including bathrooms)

5. In other words – puppy proof your house.

Mini golden doodle swimming


Always provide your puppy with fresh clean water, keeping this supply readily available at all times during the day. When housebreaking you want to take the food and water away around 7:00p at night in order to give the puppy plenty of time to be empty before nighttime.

When taking food and water away, remember it is “quiet” time and not rough play time, as the puppy will need to drink after 7:00p if they play too much.


We recommend only professionally grooming or shampooing your dog no more than once a month. Using proper PH shampoos for their coat is important to keep from drying out their coat. Goldendoodles have a natural water resistant coat, which makes brushing dirt out easy after they have dried. Brushing a few times a week and providing premium quality food, will help to reduce shedding.


Our puppies are vaccinated at 6 weeks for Bordetella, 6 weeks with Neo-Park (Parvo vaccine) and 9, 12, & 16 weeks with Nobivac 1-DAPPv. We follow our vets recommendations. Many vets recommend different schedules for vaccines. Please check with your vet for continued boosters and vaccines that are required in your area and recommended by your vet. We also worm our puppies at 2 weeks intervals.

Treats, Food and Toys For Your Pup

Nutrition is important for any puppy, especially a Goldendoodle. Follow the recommendations below and remember, no rawhide. These have a high choking risk even if you are supervising, not to mention they are high in fat and become slippery when wet.

Kongs Balls

  • Interactive Toys
  • Fetch Toys

Training Treats/Chew Bones (www.healthypetslongerlife.com)

  • Buffalo Chew Sticks
  • Soft Training Treats
  • Crunchy Biscuits
  • A supply of Food (Diamond)

Training Schedule for Puppies

Sample House-Training Schedule for Puppies

  • 6:30a Rise Let the puppy out side first thing to go to “peepee.”
  • 7:00a Feed puppy and offer a drink of water.
  • Mid-morning Walk puppy After walk, puppy stays and plays with you.
  • Return Puppy to crate/ex-pen if not actively watching & interacting with puppy.
  • 12 noon – Feed puppy second meal and offer water Let go out side to the “peepee.”
  • 1:00p Walk puppy Return home and play with puppy Return Puppy to crate/ex-pen if not actively watching & interacting with puppy.
  • Mid-afternoon Offer puppy water Walk puppy Go to the “peepee.”
  • Return Puppy to crate/ex-pen if not actively watching & interacting with puppy.
  • 5:00p Feed puppy third meal and offer water Walk puppy Go to the “peepee.” Allow puppy to play in kitchen while dinner is being prepared.
  • 7:00p Walk puppy briefly Return home and play with puppy Before Bed.
  • Walk puppy Go to the “peepee.” Puppy sleeps in crate.


We leave fresh water in the ex-pen until around 7:00p at night, so that the puppy has access to fresh water all day. When taking the puppy outside to use the bathroom, tell the puppy “go potty” (or whatever command word you prefer) and praise him/her when she goes. Always take the puppy to the same area to help teach the puppy where you want him or use to use the bathroom outside.

Begin with taking the puppy outside every couple of hours during waking hours gradually increasing the time. Remember if you are not actively walking, playing, or fully paying attention

to the puppy; keep him in a confined area so that you are setting him up for success for NOT having an accident.

It is very important to keep the puppy on a consistent routine and not allow free roaming play without being sure they have relieved themselves first and free roaming with a continual eye on them.

Thank you so much and we wish you many wonderful years to come with your new “Lil’ Goldendoodle Dandie.”