Differences Between F1 English Cream Doodles And Other Breeders

What Is The Difference Between A Goldendoodle Dandie F1 Standard English Cream Puppy And Another Breeder’s Puppy?

The differences between our F1 English Cream doodles verses other breeders are very important. Two big key factors are Nature and Nurture. We know that neither is the key by itself. It is the careful attention to both that makes your Goldendoodle Dandie puppy “out of this world”.


Differences Between F1 English Cream Doodles And Other Breeders



A Goldendoodle Dandie puppy comes carefully bred from Sire and Dam with world class genetics for increased likelihood of superior health, temperament, intelligence, and beauty.


All our puppies are health certified at 8 weeks old. They come from genetically tested parent and grandparents. Our dogs have passed the 5 major classifications, and have their health certifications as displayed on their pages.


Our English Goldendoodles will have the classic, loyal temperaments from their World Champion heritage that you desire for your family.


Coming from a lineage of World Champion trained dogs, your Goldendoodle Dandie puppy should possess superb genetic intelligence, enabling him (with good consistent training) to quickly learn potty training, obedience to basic commands, dog tricks, or even specialized training.


Your Goldendoodle Dandie puppy possesses stunning beauty because his World Champion predecessor’s gorgeous structures and luxurious coats have been passed down. Plain and simple, superior genetics contributes mightily to a superior puppy.


The 8 weeks we raise your puppy is a foundational time to ensure a happy, long life of your new pet. Every Goldendoodle Dandie puppy comes from a loving, intentional environment that gives your puppy and your family these important advantages:


All our Lil’ Dandies- stay inside with us, loved as part of our family. Since we are not a huge puppy factory, we have the opportunity to love each of our adults and puppies. All litters are born and raised inside our home. A more loved golden momma and puppy means a more loving puppy coming to join your family.


English Cream Health



People feel better, have fewer problems, and are more fun to be around when they eat a healthy diet, take vitamins, and go to the doctor when needed. The principle holds for puppies too!


All our beloved Goldendoodles have these dietary advantages:

  • Eating top quality Purina One Large Breed Puppy food- specifically formulated for large breeds, that is high in nutrients and low in additives
  • Adults receive high quality vitamin supplements daily (including EPA & DHA)
  • Puppies receive vitamin drops added into their blended food during the weaning process to ensure their best development


Your Goldendoodle Lil’ Dandie puppy will have the following advantages:

  • The best preventative deworming at 3, 5, and 7 weeks of age
  • His first 5-in-1 multi-shot vaccine at 6 weeks
  • 1 year Health Guarantee


Animal behaviorists agree that the social development of a puppy is critical in the early weeks of life. We personally handle our puppies daily. This socialization enables their natural mellow temperament to blossom, making them the world’s best family companion, especially to children.

We keep every Goldendoodle Dandie puppy for a full 8 weeks so they get the modeling and socialization learning from the Dam and litter mates during critical 6 – 8 week age. Our puppies are raised inside our home, around the hustle and bustle. Since your Goldendoodle Dandie puppy has been daily experiencing the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of all the aspects of home life, including children and cats, so he should adjust well to your home.


Behavioral and Personality Testing – Goldendoodle Dandies puppies share the even temperament, intelligence, and gorgeous qualities because we are bringing together the best, world-class, genetic lines in our breedings. But every puppy is unique. Goldendoodle Dandie puppies loves them like they are ours.. until they are yours.